Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to subscribe to access OpinEye.com?
We want to keep the conversations on OpinEye.com focused and professional. We want our readers to know there is a community of subscribers working in the same field, and a certain amount of privacy to the discussions. Plus, we don’t want irrelevant or offensive comments in the discussions.

Why is OpinEye only for Chabad?
There are plenty of resources out there for both the profit and non-profits sectors. In fact, we draw much of our ideas and inspiration from these sources. OpinEye is about filtering and adapting the ideas and resources with Chabad professionals in mind, in addition to writing our own articles based on our experience and expertise. So the content and discussions on OpinEye are only relevant to Chabad Shluchim and professionals.

I like what I’m reading, and I would like to discuss a project with you.
How much will it cost me?
Initial consultations with Tekiyah Creative are always free. If we are able to work on your project, we will provide you with a detailed proposal after we speak. To get in touch with Tekiyah, click here.

Isn’t this just another example of Chabad trying to conquer the world?
Yes – with love and kindness. You don’t like it? Well, what have you done for humanity lately?

Do you think you’re funny?
No, we are funny.

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